Modena Doc Lambrusco
Abboccato “Vecchia Modena”

Sensory Evaluation:
Inky traces characterize the
opaque red, accompanied by
aromas of sage and ripe fruit.
Lush sweetness of ripe fruit. Sapid

Year: 2017

Modena Doc Lambrusco Amabile

Sensory Evaluation:
Opaque ruby red. Aromas of dill
sprouts and herbs prevail over the
typical fruitiness. Agreeable notes
on the palate, pleasantly mingled.

Year: 2017

Modena Doc Lambrusco Secco
Rifermentazione naturale in bottiglia

Sensory Evaluation:
Pink blush with sensuous perlage
accompanying its pleasant
veiling. Aromas of wild flowers,
hints of mineral and menthol.
Pleasant, crispy notes from the

Year: 2016

Modena Doc Lambrusco
Secco “Vecchia Modena”

Sensory Evaluation:
Bright pink with aromas of flowers
and ripe fruit. Pleasant flavor
characterized by immediacy and
freshness. Refreshing citrus juice
and salt.

Year: 2017

Modena Doc Lambrusco
Spumante Dry
“Pruno Nero”

Sensory Evaluation:
Deep consistent red, with aromas
of herbs and lavender. Pleasant
tannin with fruity finish that
integrates well with the fragrant

Year: 2017

Modena Doc Lambrusco
Spumante Dry “Sassomoro”

Sensory Evaluation:
Ruby red with violet hues,
opaque. Minty and grassy notes
expertly brought together,
leaving a slightly bitter and fruity
taste in the mouth.

Year: 2017

Modena Dop Lambrusco
“Il Duomo”

Sensory Evaluation:
Opaque and inky ruby. The
consistent, generous mousse
exudes notes of golden apple and
lychee. Coherent and expertly
balanced with softness on the

Year: 2016